Shape research on drills

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With "Logo Service", we create a logo to fulfill your requirements and wishes in phase with your market.

Shape Research

With "Shape Research Service", we perform shape research and rough to highlight your products. Purpose is to facilitate the purchase act.

Design Service

With the "Meet Market By Design Service", our teams of Designers and Engineers are involved in all the different phases of the global design approach. Purpose is to provide you with coherence, accurate identity. All our designers are Europeans, which allow us to adress European markets on two segments: Do It Yourself and Hi-Fi.

Project Management

The "Project Management Service" is a customised service. We have the experience to be engaged untill the production of prototypes, preseries of your industrial products, to ensure required quality.

"The stylism is the intimate enemy of product design because it favors appearance" Arnaud Champagne de Labriolle